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Surrey Volleyball


Dorking Discos

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Date Time Home Team Score Away Team
L 27/01/19
05:00 PM
Dorking Discos 3 - 0
Guildford Scirocco
L 13/01/19
05:00 PM
Spelthorne Jaguars (M5) 3 - 2
Dorking Discos
L 06/01/19
04:00 PM
Dorking Discos 0 - 3
L 15/12/18
12:00 PM
Dorking Discos 3 - 0
Richmond Juniors
Richmond forfeited the match therefore no losing point
L 06/10/18
01:00 PM
Guildford Scirocco 0 - 3
Dorking Discos
Guildford given 3 penalty points for late submission of scoresheet to Div. Coord
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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
L 20/01/19
07:00 PM
Spelthorne Pumas (M4) Spelthorne Pumas (M4) vs Dorking Discos Spelthorne Leisure Centre
L 17/02/19
04:00 PM
Dorking Discos vs East Grinstead Jokers (M2) The Ashcombe School
L 24/02/19
06:00 PM
Dorking Discos vs Spelthorne Pumas (M4) Spelthorne Pumas (M4) The Ashcombe School
L 03/03/19
03:30 PM
Richmond Juniors vs Dorking Discos Kingston Arena Sports Centre
L 31/03/19
04:00 PM
Dorking Discos vs Spelthorne Jaguars (M5) The Ashcombe School
L 28/04/19
10:30 AM
ACS WHOOPERS vs Dorking Discos ACS Cobham International School
L 29/04/19
08:00 PM
East Grinstead Jokers (M2) vs Dorking Discos Kings Centre
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