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Volleyball course in Surrey run by Volleyball Development Camps


Surrey-based Volleyball Development Camps has scheduled its first-ever workshop for adults who play volleyball recreationally, to take place 21-22 September at the ACS Cobham International School Sports Arena. The workshop begins at 10 am both days and concludes at 4 pm both days. Cost is £125.

Called Eight Simple Rules, or 8SR, the workshop is designed to help the recreational player get greater enjoyment from their game. 8SR is neither a team development course nor coaching in ball-handling skills; it focusses on eight basic concepts that help the individual understand the game better, and shows the athlete how to apply those "rules" to achieve a more satisfying performance. Participants do not need to have a high degree of fitness to take part.

The workshop is best for people aged 16 and above who have been playing recreational volleyball for at least six months, and who wish to get more out of their game in the coming season. The workshop is delivered by a team of Volleyball England qualified coaches who train national, regional and county level teams, led by John Biddiscombe, who created the course after he had regularly been asked to devise a program specifically for adults who play volleyball at the recreational level.

Registration is on-line at

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